Best Summer Vacation Destinations of the USA

Summer Vacation Destinations of the USA

The United States of America is a big country, and even if you are living in the country, it is highly possible that you haven’t explored its true potential yet. Neither have we but since summer vacation is just around the corner and for some reason you haven’t booked a trip to Europe, Asia or wherever you wanted to go. We have got you covered.

You can stay in the US and enjoy your summer vacation right here. America is full of summer vacation-worthy destinations you have to look at the right place. There are beaches, mountains and the fountain where you want to go to. We will tell you about the eight best summer vacation destinations in USA. And most importantly what you can do while you are enjoying your vacation. America is a chamber of discoveries.

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Some of the best summer vacation spots in USA are:

1. Mackinac Island, Michigan

Mackinac Island

You may be surprised to see this on top of our list because Michigan is not a popular summer destination, but this Island deserves to be on this list. Go tour on your own on a bike, a buggy or just by foot but do explore this beautiful Island. It is worth it.

You can also go to the various museum that is here on the Island. You can go kayaking, fishing, and parasailing or just relax along the side of the coast if you are lazy like us. There are tons of activities to choose from. It is one of our favorite family summer vacation destinations in USA, and there goes the reason it is on top.

2. Boston, Massachusetts


Boston is another favorite summer vacation destinations in US because of one important reason. There is something for every age group, single or couple or even family activities to do are available. This can make your trip memorable. You can arrange a day trip to Martha’s Vineyard; it is a charming place with water and natural beauty all around, it can be the perfect family trip.

It is relatively less expensive and to make your kids happy, or even the kid inside you glad you can visit New England Aquarium, Boston Duck Tours and choose from a variety of activities and attractions available in Boston.

3. Nantucket Island, Massachusetts

Nantucket Island

Nantucket is an Island, and that makes it perfect for a summer vacation destinations in USA. Nantucket is famous for its amazing beaches and beautiful sea. You may want to go on a fast boat rides like everyone else does or even a cruise. We advise you to take a slow ferry if you are fond of the sea. You can absorb the coastal wind and get lost in the therapeutic atmosphere.

You can also go to various museums on the island some of which include whaling museum and lightship basket museum. Watch the sunset on the beach or visit the beautiful lighthouse nearby. We assure you are spending your summer here is well worth it.

4. Northern Vermont

Northern Vermont

Most people go here in winters, but you can go there in summer if you don’t want to go only beachy destination. You get to see lush green mountains, with much better weather than you get in winter. Plus, it’s not too crowded in the summer.

You can start your journey by going to the harbor and not only to water-based activities like waterboarding, skiing and going on cruises. You can also go hiking, trekking, and other mountainous activities. Or you can spend the weekend camping in the Vermont Mountains. It is a less traditional and more active summer vacation in USA than people usually go on.

5. Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Jackson Hole

When you say Jackson Hole you know you want to visit the Grand Teton national park, it looks stunning in winter, but it seems even more majestic in winter. It is a perfect summer vacation destination for a family and is also considered as the most beautiful cities in the US because it is a complete package. You can test out your dangerous side in Grand Adventure Park, rent bikes or take a stroll in the valley.

Go-trekking and ride the Tran from 4,000 feet and enjoy the stunning views of the valley from the up top. It is better than a Ferris wheel we assure you.

6. Bar Harbor, Maine

Bar Harbor

Another island made our list because the summer is all about mountains and beaches and beautiful islands. Bar Harbor attracts millions of tourists each year from the country and outside as well. You can start your morning routine by taking a stroll across the shore nothing as therapeutic as that we assure you.

Acadia National Park is a summer destinations in USA on its own. It covers the area of 4,000 acres and is full of beautiful beaches and glacier peaks it is like a little piece of heaven or as some would say a gateway to heaven. Yes, it is that beautiful.4

7. Louisville, Kentucky


Louisville is the best summer travel destinations and greener with relatively less water around. If you are that kind of person then you should consider going to Louisville and enjoy your time eat and, drinking and singing alongside its green hills or if you are fond of theater you can even attend a few plays or performance while you are there or have a picnic at the waterfront with your family and just relax.

8. Sonoma, California


Are you a fan of vineyard and nature at the same time? Sonoma is the perfect place for you to visit in the summer. One of the most famous vineyards is jacuzzi family vineyards, and it is a must visit place for you if you are a fan?

You can also get a taste of history here by going to the Sonoma Plaza. As it is California County, it would be a crime if you don’t visit the coastline and enjoy a picnic on the beach. So surely tick that off your list.

Well here goes our top eight best summer travel destinations in the US. We love exploring our country and suggesting you the best of the best so don’t feel guilty that you don’t have the budget to take your kid’s somewhere lovely this year. Explore the US in less money and enjoy the beauty.

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