4 Best Things to do in Seacrest Beach Florida

Seacrest Beach

There is a place in Northwest Florida that beckons to every kind of beach lover. A place where white sands literally squeak beneath your feet, glistening emerald waves greet the sandy shore, and the sun gently kisses your skin. It is a paradise seeker’s dream.

If you have never heard of Seacrest Beach, Florida, it is time to plan a trip! And because of its great location, there is no need to cross oceans to get there.

Seacrest Beach Florida: Activities & Things to do

The quiet and charming town of Seacrest Beach is located along Scenic Highway 30A on the Emerald Coast. It is a must-visit destination for vacationers and a local favorite. It is the perfect place to unwind, relax, and forget about your day-to-day worries. With access to the beautiful beaches, fun outdoor activities, great shopping and dining, and fabulous vacation rental options, you will have the time of your life – and will immediately ask yourself, “When can I come back?”

Seacrest Beach & the Neighborhoods

Seacrest Beach and the surrounding Gulf Coast area is home to the best white sand beaches in the United States – seriously! They can be compared to some of the most incredible, world-renowned beaches in places like Tahiti and the Philippines. Spend the day relaxing with a tropical drink and your favorite book, all while burying your toes in the crystalline sand. Dive beneath the waves for a refreshing change of scenery and explore the sea life below. Stretch out on a colorful beach towel and get your tan on. Or, grab the kids and build the most spectacular sand castle in the world! There is no limit to the beach fun you can have in this oasis.

Outdoor Activities in Seacrest Beach

Besides the beach, Seacrest Beach is a haven for outdoor adventurers. With Camp Creek Lake situated on the edge of town, it is easy to rent a paddle board and spend the day floating on the nearly still water. It might also be fun to grab your bike and explore the bike and nature paths that meander throughout 30A.

Shopping and Dining


After a day outdoors, it is a good idea to relax with some shopping and dining. Peddlers Pavilion in Seacrest Beach features funky businesses, a few local dining options, and family-friendly fun. If you care to venture beyond Seacrest, other nearby 30A beach towns offer a fantastic variety of wine outlets, coastal bars, fancy and casual restaurants, beach boutiques, and unique art shops.

Vacation Rentals in Seacrest Beach


Of course, a day of relaxation calls for a night of rest so you can do it again the next day! Fortunately, there are many Seacrest Beach vacation rentals to make your stay that much better. These include balconies with stunning Gulf views – great for watching the sunrise, sunset, and everything in between! Many include comfortable living areas, open kitchens that are great for large or intimate parties, and so much more.

Ready to escape the mundane of everyday life and have a little beach excitement? Seacrest Beach is the place to go. Start your holiday planning by booking a stay with any of the good resorts, and then getting pumped about all the fun you are going to have!

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