Best Tourist Places to Visit in Atlanta

Places to Visit in Atlanta

When visiting Atlanta, people are always confused about what to do. It can be overwhelming as there are so many options to choose from. Atlanta has everything History and culture, beautiful attractions for various people of different taste and most important of all a mind-blowing nightlife that is not to be missed.

But we can make the selection process a lot easier for your next visit to Atlanta, search below in our curated list of best tourist places to visit in Atlanta. Find what suits your interest and enjoy the trip like never before.

History, Arts and Culture Activities to do in Atlanta

Here are a few things to do in Atlanta if you are history, arts and culture kind of person.

Atlanta History Centre

History in this museum goes back to 1926 and has two historic houses. Both of which are full of fascinating adventurous history. Beside the swan house and Tullie Smith farm, you can also find Olympics games museum and a historical garden and finally a place where you can shop for souvenirs.

Fernbank Museum of Natural History

After opening in 1992 Fernbank, the museum has made headlines for the unique and extraordinary museum that it is. You can walk through the dinosaur era it shows the evolution and development of the world over the period of time. You will see the world largest dinosaur statutes and marvel at them as you face them.

This is just the beginning; you can experience amazing depiction of various culture from around the world and enjoy various exhibitions. Local and tourist love this place it is one the best museums in the state of Georgia.

Alliance Theatre

All the Broadway plays are performed here before they go to Broadway. This theatre is one of the most famous in the country they have worked locally regionally and internationally, which is what makes them the best. If you love theatres, you should see a play where more than 50 world premieres were produced and performed.

Every Broadway hit is performed here, and you can surely boast about it to your theatre buddies as to how your experience was seeing a place in such an exceptional place. Pre-booking is always advised as it is hard to get tickets at the eleventh hour.

Atlanta Symphony Orchestra

It is the best and one of the leading orchestras in the country. Orchestra lovers die for their live performances, and they are booked months in advance. All kinds of concerts are performed here there is something for every music lover and every genre available.

They produce more than 150 concerts each year so you may be able to find something that fits your interest as a music lover.

Adventurous and Fun Activities in Atlanta

Not all of us like arts, history, and culture and are here for the adventurous and fun thing the city of Atlanta has to offer. Fear not there are plenty.

Six Flags over Georgia

Do you like adventure, thrill and getting your adrenaline pumped up to six flags over Georgia is the place for you to go. Now the place also has a water park. Get on rides, and one particular slide is the first of its kind a zero-gravity drop slide. Children and adults love the water park alike.

The park is majorly known for its beastly roller coasters that are sure to make you scream for your life. This park is a major hangout spot for thrill seekers especially those of us who love roller coasters. Roller coaster fanatics come here from all over the United States to enjoy the magnificent rides.

Skyview Atlanta

Who doesn’t love to enjoy a city from an Ariel view? We all do and especially a city like Georgia you don’t want to miss this view from a height of 200 feet tall Ferris wheel.

The sights are sure to leave you awestruck and the romantic views of the city at night will make you want more. This is one of the most popular date spots over the weekend.  Once you are there, you should also see the nighttime light show. The show is beautiful, and the light work is just amazing.

Civil Bike Tours

The weather in Atlanta is perfect all year round to hop on a bike tour and enjoy the mesmerizing views of a busy city. This bike tour, however, is guided and will take you through the historic spots in the city and tell you about their exciting stories.

This is the kind of history that will never bore you and going through sweet streets and enjoying the crisp air is an adventure on its own. It is perfect if you don’t want to spend too much time on historical sites but still want to learn about it in a fun way,

Zoo Atlanta

You may think a zoo is boring as it is everywhere. But in this zoo, you can look at pandas and who wouldn’t want to see cute furry fluff balls. Honestly, the whole trip to the zoo is worth it just for pandas but if that isn’t enough to convince you then, you can a lot of critically endangered species in this zoo which is what makes it unique.

The zoo is doing a lot of work in preserving the wildlife and kids love this place and if you have one then surely visit.

The Night Life in Atlanta

For adults, Atlanta is home to fantastic nightlife below are some spots that are worth every penny.

Dark Horse Tavern

This club is the hybrid between a dive club and a music club. Having a full-on karaoke night with your friends is great. It is filled with college students having the time of their life. If you are on a budget and still want to have fun on a night out this is the place to go and let yourself loose.

The Havana Club

The Havana club is the most exclusive club in the city. All kinds of famous DJs perform here, and it has 9 bars. Needless to say, it is huge and home to many exclusive events. If you have a fair amount of money in your wallet, then you should go here. You might catch a famous DJ.

In the end, you can never go wrong with this list in Atlanta, and you are bound to have a memorable trip.

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