Dining Experience aboard Maharajas’ Express Train

Mayur Mahal

Luxury Train: Maharajas Express

The luxury train Maharajas’ Express has two dining cars- Rang Mahal (Haveli Restaurant) and Mayur Mahal (Peacock Restaurant). Both of these are an embodiment of royalty and as royal the names are, the cuisines served on board are no less epicurean. Both of these dining areas have the capacity to accommodate 42 guests each at the same time which means that all of the guests on board can have meals at the same time if they want to.

Serving an interesting mix of dishes, Rang Mahal and Mayur Mahal together take the guests on a ‘zaika’ (gastronomical) exploration in true sense.

Mayur Mahal

Let us throw some light on what to expect food-wise on the train:

Freshness? Check!

All the treats served on the train are prepared using fresh ingredients, be it salads or gourmet foods

Luxurious cutlery? Check!

The cutlery in which food is served is gold and silver plated and every piece has been tastefully done with the letter ‘m’ embossed artfully and in calligraphic style.

Pleasure for eyes? Check!

Since good food should look also good for an overall experience and for the pleasure of eyes, hence, the culinary presentation on board is simply impeccable

Healthy delights? Check!

All the dishes on the maharajas express are prepared using organic spices and condiments. These along with making the dishes healthier also provide them with a more authentic flavour

Eclectic cuisine mix? Check!

The train also serves a wonderful variety of indian and international cuisine which can be customised as per the guests’ request. There is the best of chinese, continental, italian and many more. And not to forget are the best of indian cuisine- kashmiri, punjabi, awadhi, rajasthani, south indian, etc.

Specific dietary care? Check!

Some guests come with some special dietary requirements to be taken care of. In such situations, detailed request at the time of booking will be the best thing to do. Special care will be exercised by the staff to heed to your request in the best way possible.

Let us tell you that whatever Maharajas’ Express itinerary you choose, fulfilling culinary delights will always be there on board the train to please your taste buds.

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