How to Choose the Right Holiday Accommodation Option?

Holidays take a lot of preparation, especially if you are taking your family abroad, as there isn’t just you and your partner to worry about, but your little ones, too.

There are so many things to take into consideration and things to do before you pack your bags and board the plane to some exotic location you have been wanting to visit for years, making booking and organising your time away time consuming and sometimes frustrating.

However, we have put together a short guide on how to choose the right kind of accommodation option for your holiday, helping you to tick off one difficult aspect of your trip.

Tips to Choose the best Holiday Accommodation

What is your Budget?

travel budget

Budget is always travelers’ first concern, as there are a lot of aspects to pay for. The most expensive things you will have to pay for are your plane tickets and your accommodation so you need to think about how you can make them cost effective to suit your budget.

Accommodation options come in all shapes and forms, however, meaning there is an option for every budget, no matter how large or small. Additionally, your accommodation choice will depend on these factors:

1. How many people are in your travel party/family
2. What you want and needs are
3. The amenities you would like the accommodation to have

For single travelers and couples, a hostel or hotel room would be a suitable choice as there is no need for a larger and more expensive option. However, if you are a family of four or a group of friends, you may want to look at renting a house or apartment, or finding a hotel with a two or three-bedroom suite to accommodate you all, meaning you can share the cost between you and save some much-needed cash.

Preferred Location


The location of your chosen accommodation is the second important factor, as it will need to be close enough to the tourist attractions you want to see, activities you want to partake in and be close enough to public transport.

If you are looking to go on a beach holiday, a beach resort would be the obvious choice. However, if you want to explore Rome – for example – the city’s attractions are quite spread. It would then be advisable to choose a central location that is close enough to public transport in order for you to be able to access them all with ease.

Entertainment and Amenities


Your wants and needs for the duration of your trip abroad is the third and final factor we are going to discuss, as you will have to choose your accommodation option subject to those wants and needs.

If you are taking you are going on a family holiday, you might want to look at an all-inclusive resort that not only includes all of your food and drink, but has a number of entertainment options, some of which would be kid’s clubs and entertainment that the whole family can take part in together. If you’re taking your dog, be sure to find a hotel that graciously accommodates your furry friend to ensure the smoothest trip possible.

For couples, however, you might want to look into accommodation options that are suited to adults and do not allow kids. You might want to mingle and meet people, meaning that the accommodation you choose could have bars and other social areas. Other entertainment and amenities might include a spa and sports, for example.

Choosing the right kind of accommodation for your perfect holiday is vital, and will depend of the three aspects we have looked at in this article, from hostels to Dubai suites. However, once you have looked into all three of these aspects, you are guaranteed to end up with the perfect spot to stay during your vacation!

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