How to Plan a Fun Trip to Jim Corbett National Park


Jim Corbett National Park, is located in Uttarakhand’s Nainital district and is one of the oldest and largest parks you will get to see in India, which is popular for the wildlife and flora and fauna. This was established in the year 1936 with the name back then as Hailey National Park, which after independence of India was called Ramganga National Park, then later in the year 1956, it got renamed to Jim Corbett National Park. It is called Jim Corbett National Park, as it is after Jim Corbett, who is a popular hunter as well as an author and conservationist, who actually played a huge role in the development of this park. This park is famous for Bengal Tigers and renowned sanctuary of Wildlife. You will get to see Elephants, Hedgehog, Flying Fox, Musk Shrew, Indian Pangolin, Wild Boar, King Cobra, Nilgai, Sambar, Chital, Tigers, Munjtac, and several bird species.

Best Options for Travelling within Park:

  • Most convenient and best option is to travel with jeep safari within park. This tour can be completed in a day, and this ride is available easily, which you can avail from many of the resorts situated in Ram Nagar. The park begins in morning by 5:30 AM, and by 10:00 AM, it closes.
  • It reopens again in afternoon by 2:00 PM, and closes by 6:00 PM in evening. Although the best time to enjoy safari ride is during morning time, when you might get the chance to spot big cats. Also elephant safari ride, is exhilarating experience, and here you are able to travel around any unfamiliar terrain, which aren’t visited before as well as explore grasslands where you will find wildlife sitting around.
  • You can book safari rides in advance also, but do consider that there could be limitation to the number of jeeps available and allowed in the park, with maintaining delicate balance among the humans, nature, and wildlife. Jeep Safari rides are usually available for only half day, but if you want full day ticket, then you may have to pay extra expenses.
  • Also you can opt for the evening safari rides, where the booking has to be done 48 hours prior to the safari. This evening safari ride is dependent upon the first come basis. You can book Corbett National Park Tour to avail a proper package, and pre-planning can help you and not fret for any last minute booking.
  • During Summer time, it is open from April till June, when there would be scorching heat, so prefer to pack light thin clothes, sunscreen, hat or cap, sunglasses, and scarf, to help you project from direct sun rays. During winter time, it is open from mid-November till mid-February, so carry your warm woolen clothes, muffler, hand gloves etc. to save from heavy cold.
  • During rainy season, you should avoid as it is not an ideal time to visit. Make sure you don’t wear bright coloured or stark white clothes, when going for a Safari Ride, and try to wear clothes that match along with the nature colour like green, khaki, grey, light brown, etc.


There are several attractions in the Jim Corbett’s National Park that you can enjoy.

5 Attractions to visit in the Jim Corbett National Park

  1. Jhirna


This is a densely grassland and wooded habitat, which is great for excellent bird watching. You will get to see Great Hornbill here in abundance. It is a home to huge population of wild elephants and sloth bear, as well as a growing population of tiger. You will also get to see sambar, wild boar, nilgai, and cheetal, also making it an attractive place for big cats. All these offer you with great opportunity for sightseeing.

  1. Bijrani


Bijrani is a forest with a range from pure Sal to mixed deciduous forests, along with the valleys and 3 major grasslands. It consists of variety of several herbivores, as well as wide jungle roads network,where sighting for tiger is excellent. There are also jungle roads criss crossing that also offer a great opportunity for sighting tiger. There are various types of vegetation here as well, of Sal forests, tropical moist mixed forests along the plains and valley. The availability of water is excellently present all around the year, which makes this an outstanding habitat for the prey based there along with their predators.

  1. Dhikala


Dhikala is one of the largest as well as the most varied area in the Corbett National Park that offers great opportunity for night accommodations. Along with overnight stays, it sustains habitats of diverse range, such as Ghoral, Gharial, Maggars, Goat Antelope, Mahaseer, Hog Deer, etc. The terrain here is very varied and if you book in advance, you may get accommodations in Forest House in park that offers great view. This block in the forest, consists of Ramganga River.

  1. Durga Devi

Durga Devi

This zone of the forest is popular for watching birds, and also for fishing Mahaseer which is a big fish species. This is on the north-east area of the Corbett National Park, which sustains varied species of birds such as maroon orile, little forktail, fishing eagle great headed, and so on. Ramganga River and Mandal in the park tend to attract many leopards, tigers, and wild elephants.

  1. Sonanadi


Sonanadi is one of the centre ranges of Corbett Park, where many famous wildlife beauties are seen here with some wonderful flora and fauna. More than 550 bird species are seen here, along with reptiles, sambar, cheetal, tiger, and leopard.

So plan your trip well, and it is advisable to do some homework and know about the destination well, before you plan to visit it, so the trip is comfortable, relaxing, and enjoyable. Jim Corbett National Park is a great place for knowing and being around the nature, wildlife, various bird species, etc.

This would also be a place where you can take your kids to have them know and be near the wildlife and nature. So what are you waiting for? Book it now, and have the best of your time and cherish each moment.

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