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Vietnam and Cambodia spanned numerous climate zones making it again very difficult to predict. Nevertheless, if you are looking for the rainy season and the worst of avoiding the heat than when embarking on Vietnam and Cambodia Tours you should consider between October and March.

Best of Vietnam & Cambodia Tour

Only in recent years, Vietnam has opened its doors to the world after thousands of years of Chinese, Mongols, and the Japanese rule: all of which have left a lasting legacy in the highest temples, and many unique buildings. A country relatively untouched by tourism, Vietnam is a country just waiting to be discovered. Whether you’re a Vietnam old traditional capital Hanoi, explore the spell of old artisan quarters puppet theaters and pagodas along the lake shore or Hue legendary imperial capital charmed with gold pavilions, Vietnam and Cambodia tours will let you witness it all.


The royal and enigmatic, yet moving and imperious Ha Long Bay is a natural beauty which words cannot do justice. Consider thousands of limestone and islands rising from the emerald waters and you have an image of awesome beauty. In addition to these beautiful cities and landscapes is the watery landscape of green fields and sleepy villages of the Mekong Delta. Rich in rice fields and farms, this delta provides enough produce to feed a country with a substantial surplus. The Vietnamese themselves are wonderfully energetic, always smiling and courteous, showing off all proud of their beautiful country.

Just west of Vietnam is the equally exquisite Kingdom of Cambodia. The chaotic but fascinating capital Phnom Penh, shining towers of the royal palace and in the setting of a beautiful river-side location is truly one of the hidden gems of Asia. A short flight away lays Siem Reap, which is the life and vibrancy of the temples of Angkor, the city is on the route proposes further still the epicenter new Cambodia.

At its peak in the 13th century, Siem Reap had almost one million inhabitants and was home to the monumental Khmer Empire, which a large part of modern Laos, Thailand and Vietnam, providing a lasting legacy of art and sculptures that really makes Angkor one of the ruled leave great wonders of the world. So whether it’s a quiet break, a little sight-seeing or just a hands-on history lesson you offer tours in Vietnam and Cambodia for everyone of all ages.

Phenom Penh

Travel to and around Cambodia

There are daily flights arriving from every major destination in Asia to the capital Phenom Penh on your Cambodia tours. There are also smaller airlines that operate direct flights from Bangkok to Siem Reap. However, if you are on a budget, the cheapest way of getting to Cambodia by bus from both Ho Chi Minh City and Bangkok. Getting around and exploring Cambodia is actually very easy because you find most locals friendly and helpful to help you while on your tour. There are also motorcycles and motor rickshaws available to you around the city and your specific destination if you wish to strike out on your own at any point.

Hot Spots

You can find Phnom Penh pulsating energy, as one of the most hectic and chaotic capitals in Asia. However, the capital of the country also showcases some of the most spectacular restaurants, as well as offering daily excursions to war museums and the famous Killing Fields. Another destination is Siem Reap, which is a great starting point for exploring the truly magnificent ancient Angkor kingdom that features 100 jungle temples presents. Photos the sheer majestic beauty of this site may be experiencing the closest and justify personal. If you look forward to a refreshing getaway after seeing all the sights, you can go to Sihanoukville, which is located in the southern regions of Cambodia and the home of the beaches that easily rival some of Thailand’s finest unspool.

Exotic food

When it comes to food, you can look forward to feasting on some of the delicious dishes from the local markets which are exceptionally cheap. Make sure you taste the famous Cambodian barbecues and pumpkin curry Siem Reap. Meals and local beers are extremely cheap, so eating out is not a big deal, even for travelers on a budget. Rice and noodles are staples in the local cuisines along with delicious freshwater fish. When to keep traveling, you should taste the local crab dishes known as one of the best in Asia.

When Planning Cambodia Tours

It is generally recommended to your visit at any time between May and November, plans to have the opportunity to have a number of colorful festivals of the country witness. This glimpse of what Vietnam Cambodia tour in the store will give you an idea of the unforgettable adventure that awaits you.

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