Planning a Family Camping Trip? 15 Fun Activities to Make Your Trip Memorable


It may require a lot of effort to plan a camping adventure with family, but the effort is worth it. To begin with, enjoying away from home to beautiful campsites and state parks is the best way to get in touch with nature.

Whether you choose a campground, lakeside, or mountains, enjoying the incredible scenery and experiencing the serenity and thrill of the ambiance together can be memorable. And to make sure your trip is worth remembering for a lifetime, make sure you plan out your family camping trip with tons of activities.

15 Activities for Family Camping Adventure

To help you plan and get started, we have compiled the top fifteen fun activities you can take part in and make the most out of your family camping adventure.

  1. Play Games


What better time to bond with your family over games other than camping? Thankfully, you are away from your monotonous routine and other unhealthy distractions like computers and television. Playing games give you a chance to interact with one another and enjoy together.

Recall your favorite childhood games and use this as an opportunity to try them all again. Hide and seek, card games, charades, and I spy are great because you don’t have to carry stuff to play these. If you want something low key, take a paper and a pen and play Dots, Tic-Tac-Toe, and Hangman.

  1. Get Moving

Get moving play football

If you have chosen a great outdoor location, this could be your perfect chance to get active with your family. Enjoy the meadows as you get moving and playing different camp games.

You can just run and fetch or enjoy Frisbee, football, and Capture the Flag to become active and make up for the missed gym time while you are camping.

  1. Go Hiking

Go Hiking

Another great activity you can enjoy with your family when you go camping is a good hike. Whether you want to stroll around to enjoy a great way, explore nature, or get adventurous, hiking is for everyone. It is one activity that all family members enjoy.

A mountain hiking experience can be amazing if you have all adults and nature enthusiasts in your family. For kids, such long and adventurous hikes can be tiring.

  1. Enjoy Geocaching

Enjoy Geocaching

If you have access to GPS, this can be an exciting activity to try. People who go camping create caches (or hiding places) and then put the coordinates online. Other people following it visit the caches, sign the guest book, leave something or take something from that spot.

If that sounds like fun, look for caches at a nearby spot where you will camp and use GPS to go exploring.

  1. Cook Together

Cook together

Cooking may seem like a burden, especially when you are going out camping until you make it a family activity and enjoy it.

Take part in the cooking as a family and do different tasks to make it fun and easy. Also, note down a few new recipes that you can try when you go camping. With the entire family involved in cooking, the meal will become super scrumptious.

  1. Boating


If you are camping where boating is available, make sure you enjoy that activity with your family. Book the boat and go for a little tour in the area. In campsites amidst nature, there’s a big chance of witnessing wildlife, amazing sea creatures, birds, and various other beautiful views.

Boating can just add to your experience like nothing else when you enjoy it with family.

  1. Go Swimming

Go Swimming

Don’t hesitate in taking a dive if your campsite is near an ocean, a river, or lake. Just make sure it is not prohibited to do so. Go swimming and let your muscles make a little effort as you dive into water surrounded by beautiful scenic views.

  1. Exploring Nature

Exploring nature

One of the major attractions and joy of camping is being close to nature. Being outdoors gives you the perfect opportunity to explore everything that Mother Nature has to offer.  While doing so, just make sure you respect the area and its rules. Do not damage or disturb the wildlife while you:

  • Collect fireflies in a jar
  • Go for animal watching or bird watching
  • Collect leaves
  • Collect bugs
  • Collect flowers, rocks, pine cones, etc
  • Have a scavenger hunt
  • Search for nuts, wild berries, and edible plants
  • Go for a photo safari
  • Collect firewood

The never-ending list of things you can do while exploring the region is indeed a great way to enjoy your camping outdoors.

  1. Board Games

Board games

From Scrabble to Monopoly, there are so many board games to enjoy family time during a camping trip. It is also a great time to introduce yourself to new favorites.

Pack your favorite board games and let the fun begin.

  1. Nature-centric Games

 Nature-centric games

Camping gives you an opportunity to go face to face with nature. And that’s where you can enjoy scavenger hunt the most. This is an ideal nature-centric game that you can enjoy as a family.

List down items that you want to find – all with different shapes, colors, and sizes – and stroll around the area and explore the nature walk to end up with amazing discoveries. You can come up with amazing ideas so be creative and make the most out of it!

  1. Build a campfire

Build a campfire

Building campfire is an important survival skill that every family member should know – including children. You can involve kids by asking them to collect twigs and teaching them how to light a campfire.

Teaching them yourself will not only keep them engaged but they will be curious to learn more. As a result, they will be safer around the campfire.

  1. Get Musical

Get musical

This is the perfect time to grab your guitar or whatever musical instrument you have and entertain your family. You may not get the chance to do this often, especially with our demanding schedules. While camping, a little music, and melody can offer a great level of entertainment.

So don’t forget to pack your musical instrument with you!

  1. Relax


Relaxing can be a fun activity especially if that’s what you aimed for when you went camping. It is a great escape from work and busyness of life. At the campsite, take it easy. Set up your best lightweight tent and have fun with your family.

And to make relaxing more fun, try this out:

  • Swing in a hammock
  • Float on the water
  • Daydream
  • Listen to the sounds of nature
  • Take naps
  • Stargaze

And enjoy a chatty time with your family and kids.

  1. Crafting


If you have an artist hidden in you, camping is a great adventure to unleash it. When you have some ‘me’ time, enjoy it with crafting.

Just carry all the essentials with you and use nature as your inspiration and get crafting.

  1. Watch Movies

Watch Movies

Use your break to catch up with all the amazing movies you have missed out. If you have access to a laptop, electricity or portable chargers, and the internet, make the most out of it and watch entertaining movies that the entire family enjoys alike.


Final word

These are the top fifteen activities we compiled for you. Your options, however, are not limited to these activities. Add anything you find entertaining that you can enjoy while camping. Make the most out of this family time outdoors and have fun!


Author Bio: Judy Robinson is a passionate blogger who love to write on home lifestyle and travel related topics. Currently, she is associated with White Duck Outdoors and provides the best lightweight tent, IDAHO based online camping shop. Follow Twitter @JudyRobinson for more updates.

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