Ten Best Places to Visit in Florida

Thinking of where to splash your perfect summer days? Oh, c’mon! I will help you out. I only have one answer – Florida! Summer is best spent here. Where else is the most famous travel destination during holidays but here. In case you are not aware of these, care to check out below suggestions.

Below are top 10 places to visit in Florida:

1. Florida Keys

Florida Keys

Are you into island hopping? Bet on this. It has Islamorada, Key Largo and Key West. Fishing is fun-packed when you do it here. Diving would be unforgettable as you get the chance to be a shipwreck spectator. So grab your gears and let’s have some island coursing.

2. Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World

Mickey Mouse? Garfield? Which Disney character do you love most? Your all time-favorites are all here for you to mingle with. There also go wonderful resorts and fine dining restaurants for you to trip your taste buds on.

3. Universal Orlando

Universal Orlando

Swimming can turn into a wonderful experience when you do it in the wonderfully laid resorts of Universal Orlando. Relaxing hotels and pools matches your mood. So, chill out.

4. Everglades


Dreaming of an adventure? Visit the everglades city! Riding a bicycle with a partner or in groups to hang out would be unimaginable here. Go drench your craving for an outdoorsy nature trek in one of the beaten paths of the city.

5. Miami Beach Party

Miami Beach

Beach Party on party boats? Get lost in the whimsical lines of beaches as you get to trance and dance yourself off the white sand and cool blue waters of Miami Coasts. Give in to the invitation of seafront parties. Go, go, and go and rent a party boat!

If you’re looking for more information to getting moving in Miami, take a look at this city guide by Suddath. It will help you find what areas you want to dedicate your time to.

6. Sea World

Sea World

Eager to find some discovery places? Let’s go see the cove up here. Oh, the place is good for the young ones just as it is perfect for the young once. Let’s see them get overjoyed by the experience. Gear up, and let’s start head on!

7. Kennedy Space Center

Kennedy Space Center

Family Day? Reunion? Get together? Why not do it all here? A cultured location of all times for children to actually see what they just learn in History classes. Be a proud parent and bring them on!

8. Island of Adventure

Island of Adventure

What does the name suggests? Yes. Adventure. Island adventure. You can do your all-time favorite boating and sight-seeing here. Pair up and have your lovely romance at all times. Lovey love!

9. Amelia Island

Amelia Island

Tranquility and Peace? Is this what you’re after this time? Then waste no time and start your way off to your soul-searching mood. Let the island suit your serene mindset and let your heart and mind be free of struggles.

10. Magic Kingdom

Magic Kingdom

Want some amazing and magical treats? Go attend some flag retreats and wake up the party animal instinct in you. Now you’re good to go. Dig in to this hidden paradise around.

See? Florida is your gateway to a bombastic day off. Go ahead. Sink in all of these promises when you happen to be out thinking what to during summertime. Pack up. Book yourself now and go for that ever perfect vacation!

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