Top 10 Activities to Enjoy in Nepal

adventure sports

Adventure, Cultural and Leisure activities you can enjoy in the country of the Himalayas

Nepal, home to Mount Everest- the tallest Mountain Peak in the world, is dominated by the planet’s most imposing Himalayas. Although the country is relatively small, a majority of the country’s territory is occupied by the dramatic peaks of the Himalayas. With many contributing factors attributing to the country’s mystique to the west, Nepal is a hospitable country that has become an exceptionally popular destination for travelers, whether they are in search of climbing challenges or spiritual enlightenment.

Stretching across the northern section of the country, eight out of ten highest peaks in the world are located in Nepal and most are enveloped in permanent snowfields. With a wide variance of different ethnic groups inhabiting the country, Nepal has a rich history pertaining to unique traditions, cultures, customs, rituals and practices that people follow.

The land where Lord Gautama Buddha was born- the Light of Asia, Nepal is also called the land where there are temples more than houses and deities more than people. With historically opulent temples, old monasteries and Durbars, Nepal has something that caters to everybody. So if you are looking for an appropriate trip for yourself in Nepal, look no further than here! With many options that can be undertaken for an amazing time in Nepal, here are top ten activities to enjoy in the country.

Trekking also demands both mental and physical fitness but the actual level of difficulty varies depending upon the region, season and the kind of trek undertaken. Trekking in the Everest region is considered more difficult than trekking in the Annapurna region for example; but the time of year also plays an important role. Your mind would also be in a constant flux when trekking. It certainly is one of the best, most fun and thrilling activity to do while in Nepal!

Top 10 things to do in Nepal


From the breath-taking heights of the Himalayas, Nepal has rivers crashing down through foothills, fed by monsoon rains and melting snow flowing on their way to the Great Plains of the Ganges. With rivers like Trishuli, Seti, Bhote Koshi, Kali Gandaki, Marshyangdi and Sun Koshi among many more, rafting is definitely one of the most adrenalin-inducing activities to enjoy. From tallest mountains in the world, the melting snow and small streams come rushing down to produce some of the world’s best white water rivers. Famous for its white-water rivers, Nepal has one of the most enthusiastic white water rafting communities in the world. A special amusing sensation comes over while rafting on the ebullient rivers. Rafting is an activity that involves high and low tides and recreation in the rivers. Whatever the desire for adventure, it is easy to find the perfect river in Nepal for rafting. With wide ranges of difficulties from a gentle day float to exhilarating and tiresome rapids, rafting is a fun adventure.

Wildlife Tours and Jungle Safari

Wildlife diversity is a notable feature of Nepal and is also a major source of tourism in the country. With many unique species of flora and fauna host to Nepal, there are numerous National Parks and Wildlife Reserves established that protects the country’s diverse animal and plant life. Statistically speaking, Nepal is a home to about 208 species of mammals, over 900 species of birds and countless other species of reptiles and aquatic fauna. With protected wildlife areas like the Chitwan National Park, the Sagarmatha National Park, the Bardia National Park and the Langtang National Park among a variety of other protected and conservation areas, Nepal offers excursions at verdant woodlands and rich forest acreages for amazing Jungle safari trips. Serving as one of the best collections of wildlife on the planet, you could encounter the exotic Lophophorus, elusive Bengal Tigers, One-horned rhinoceros and majestic Snow Leopards not found anywhere else while on wildlife tours or jungle safaris. Even in a small area of less than 100,000 square miles, Nepal not only ranges in land elevations from 70 meters to 8,848 meters, but also houses a heterogeneous variety of wild and beautiful flora and fauna that is incomparable with any other geographic nation on the planet.

Peak Climbing

Peak Climbing

Peak Climbing is a wonderful adventure that pertains to both experienced and novice climbers. With famous Peak Climbing destinations like the Island Peak, Mera Peak and the Naya Kanga Peak among many more, Peak Climbing lets you enjoy the most beautiful Himalayan terrains of the country. Nepal has been the focus of outstanding achievement in the world of Peak Climbing with its eight peaks rising above 8000 meters. Among the identified 1,310 peaks above 6,000 meters, one quarter are officially opened for mountaineering activities, including “trekking peaks”. Peak Climbing is like the “next step” beyond simple trekking. In Nepal, there are more than 20 peaks below 6,500 meters opened for alpine trekking.


trekking in nepal

Nepal is a country that has captured the imagination of mountaineers and explorers for more than 100 years. Trekking in Nepal is one of the most famous adventure activities to do in the country. Indeed, a majority of Nepal’s tourism sector caters to trekking in Nepal. Trekking in Nepal allows one to meet people in remote mountain villages who still follow a lifestyle that hasn’t changed in generations. The indigenous Himalayan people and their secluded settlements make trekking journeys in Nepal an amazing affair. There are many destinations and sites in Nepal where trekking experiences can be achieved. Walking on trekking trails, you would be able to see a great diversity in both nature and the culture of the country. Villages embrace many ethnic groups and rituals. The terrain changes from tropical jungles to high glaciated peaks in only a matter of 150 kilometers of distance. Right from the start, the towering ivory pinnacles of the mountain peaks provide a grand highlight for trekking. The cerulean Himals become more defined and seem to reach impossible heights as you get further across trekking trails.

During the Nepal trekking, the trails pass through a number of settlements, and go past many monasteries and places of worship. On top of that, the natural landscape of the country provides breath-taking sceneries to enjoy while trekking. Annapurna, Manaslu, Langtang, Gaurishankar, Everest and many other mountain peaks become familiar names and close up observations of the unique traditions and cultures of the people can be achieved while trekking. With varying trip gradings and difficulty levels, there are destinations and trekking trails that gratify everybody. With many different trekking styles, like tea-house trekking, lodging and camping, trekking in Nepal really allows you to indulge yourself into the remote and isolated way of life.


Expedition in Nepal

Expedition in Nepal is an ultimate thrill to all climbers around the globe and is becoming popular on a steadfast rate. With destinations like Mustang, one of the most secluded and heavily preserved regions pertaining to ancient Tibetan Buddhist tradition in the country, expeditions to Mustang is an extra-ordinary experience. Since Nepal is such a kaleidoscope of religious groups and people, expeditions in Nepal provide a broad range of traditional and cultural experiences like no other. Encompassed with natural beauties and a perfect blend of cultural phenomenon, expeditions are perfect for explorations of far-off places that Nepal certainly does not lack in.

Mountain Biking

As mentioned, Nepal has many trails and destinations that are perfect for trekking or hiking. Likewise, mountain biking can also be done on the trails. With paths that go through hillsides, mountainous terrains and high elevations, Mountain Biking in Neal is a perfect combination of sport with natural sightseeing. Mountain Biking through the trails in the Himalayas take you through verdant and spectacular sights and many ethnic villages and secluded settlements. Peaceful biking on a tranquil environment makes for a serene experience.

Cultural Tours

With many sites that are included on the UNESCO World Heritage Site List, cultural tours are a prominent feature of visiting Nepal. Historically significant sites like the Kathmandu Durbar Square, the Bouddhanath Stupa, the holy temple of Pashupatinath, the Swayambhunath Stupa, Bhaktapur and Patan Durbar Squares, the Changunarayan Temple and Lumbini- the birthplace of Lord Buddha among many others, make cultural tours in Nepal an exotic experience. Rich in fine art, architecture, paintings, statues, wood and stone carvings and sculptures, Cultural Tours in the country are extremely exotic and lavish affairs. Old monarchial palaces and intricately carved and decorated temples and monasteries are situated at various locations throughout the country and cultural tours add more historic and traditional flavor to Nepal visits.

Helicopter Tours

If long walks, strenuous hikes and time-consuming trekking journeys aren’t your thing, then you can opt for Helicopter Tours in Nepal. Completing long distances to far off locations in a short amount of time, Heli Tours are delightful journeys where views of the terrain, mountains and settlements can be viewed in a bird’s eye perspective. An aerial view of the snowy mountains or emerald forests and rich woodlands from a comfortable seat in the helicopter while hearing the commentary from the trusted pilot about the sights make for an amazing joyride! With no lack of beautiful destinations, Heli Tours in Nepal is an exciting and fascinating experience!

Adventure Sports

adventure sports

Apart from mountain biking and rafting, Nepal has a variety of adventure sport options for you to choose from. Activities like Bungee Jumping, Paragliding, Canyoning, Rock Climbing and Hot Air Balloon rides can be done. With the ever ethereal Annapurna region, or more specifically, the Lake side city of Pokhara, Paragliding from the top of Sarangkot is one of the most exciting experiences in the Himalayas. Travelers come from all over the world to enjoy adventure sports in the naturally raw, unadulterated and appealing destinations Nepal has. Dropping 160 meters from a bridge down to the Bhote Koshi River, Bungee jumping lets you experience a sensation of free falling down into the rushing waters below! Likewise, rock climbing across natural rock formations to reach the summit or the end point of a pre-defined route is a physically and mentally demanding adventure sport.


With many big and small destinations for hiking ranging from leisure casual hikes to strenuous journeys, Hiking in Nepal is a great way to experience close and amazing views of mountains, jaded hills and valleys. The pristine nature can be experienced to its fullest extent while hiking on uniform trails that take you to elevated sites from where beautiful views of the Himalayas can be looked at. The hiking trails are, more often than not, adorned with rhododendron trees and growth of variegated foliages, making the hiking journey all the more pleasant. Destinations like Dhulikhel, Daman, Nagarkot, Kakani and Sarangkot are perfect hiking destinations from where the entire close terrain can be seen. It is an amazing leisure activity you can do in a relatively short amount of time in Nepal.

Thus, these are the top activities you can enjoy while on your visit to Nepal. Not only this, Nepal has many more destinations, activities and adventures that you can discover, explore and do. After all, with such rich and diverse aspects, visiting Nepal only once is not enough!

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