Travel in Luxury, Eat in Luxury: A Foodie’s Tour Guide


On the one hand, we have people who plan all year for a 3-day vacation. On the contrary, we have people with happy feet. They go wherever their feet take them. Sometimes, literally. Then we have the gastronomic adventurers. They are a sub-group of the Happy Feet. They seek out unique culinary experiences from travels to the rural areas or other parts of the country we do not know of.

There are many gastronomic travellers, who have travelled the entire country to experience the real flavours from Michelin star chefs and rural eateries alike. Today we will focus on a few of the most famous Michelin star restaurants where you can dine luxuriously.

Luxury Restaurants in Wales:

West Stoke House, West Sussex

west sussex house

When Rowland and Mary Leach bought this house, it was quite simple. They soon turned it into bread and breakfast. Then Darren Brown arrived at the “restaurant with rooms” and got West Stoke House its first Michelin star. If you want to indulge in a hearty breakfast with local produce and “home”-grown hen’s eggs, this should be on your travel map.

Champany Inn, West Lothian

Champany Inn, West Lothian

This is a rural inn close to Edinburgh. The Champany Inn belongs to Clive and Anne Davidson. It has a Chop and Ale House that serves the finest steaks, ribs and chops. The rooms have a slight Scottish undertone, which we find charming. Do not forget the extras in the rooms (teeny-weeny drums of gin and whisky).

Marina Villa Hotel, Cornwall


The Black Pig in Rock and St Ervan Manor in Padstow got chef Nathan Outlaw Michelin stars. This was 18 months before the opening of the Marina Villa. This hotel got a “two-star” classification at one go from Michelin. Everything has a distinct Cornish touch thanks to his unfussy passion for local cuisines. The co-owner, James Coggan has maintained this comfortable Georgian townhouse hotel. It is set on the Fowey estuary, and it offers 18 beautifully decorated bedrooms with French beds and private balconies.

PlasBodegroes, Gwynedd

PlasBodegroes, Gwynedd

The PlasBodegroes site hidden behind an extending avenue of beech trees. This beautiful Georgian Manson on the LlynPeninsula is a delight for the sore eyes. It is the perfect getaway for Londoners who are looking for some rural goodness. Gunna and Chris have been running this place since 1986. They specialise in classic welsh dishes with a modern twist. For example – we were smitten with their turbot roast with lime hollandaise. The Welsh Black beef rib eye with a house oxtail sauce comes recommended from the chef.

Food is what adds the impetus to travel. No travel experience or adventure is truly complete without good food. These are the some of the lesser-known Michelin star gems, which you need to check out on your next venture out of the city.

Author Bio: Andrew Pyne is a food blogger. He has worked with several publications including the to enlist some of the best food and travel experiences for his followers in the UK and beyond.

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