Traveling Abroad? Learn How to Safeguard Your Health

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With the increasing awareness about travel amongst people, the number of those traveling abroad has been steadily increasing. Whether you are on a vacation, a business trip or visiting a friend or a relative abroad, this article helps you learn how to safeguard your health when traveling overseas.

Things to know before you plan your travel abroad

Pack your travel baggage smartly

  • Carry all your regular medicines, if you are taking any
  • Do not forget to take your doctor’s prescription and other medical reports
  • For any emergency situation arising, always have the first aid kit handy
  • Keep general medicine and ointments for small injuries, cuts, bruises, etc with you
  • Keep appropriate medicines for headaches, stomach disorders, common colds, cough, etc in consultation with your doctor

Vaccination and Inoculations

  • Every country has its specific requirement for vaccines and immunization
  • Make sure you are well vaccinated and have the appropriate medical tests done as per the requirement of the country you are traveling to
  • The embassy of the country you wish to visit can help you in this regard
  • Get properly immunized to safeguard your health while traveling abroad

Food and Water

  • Be careful about the food you eat and the water you drink
  • Always consume cooked food instead of raw, uncooked foods which make you prone to digestive disorders
  • Choose packaged drinking water to stay clear of water-borne diseases

Travel Health Insurance

  • Make sure your insurance policy covers your illness overseas
  • Carry all policy documents, claim forms, etc with you when you travel
  • Having a health insurance that covers you overseas saves you a lot of money and ensures peace of mind

Stay in touch with your embassy

  • If you encounter any unforeseen situation or medical emergencies, immediately contact your embassy
  • They will help you with your treatment and also inform your family members
  • The embassy can be your friend during the tough times

Preventing sunburns, allergies and weather related illness

  • Make sure you carry a sunscreen lotion to prevent damage to your skin from UV rays in harsh climatic conditions
  • Carry appropriately layered clothing to stay safe from extreme cold and frostbite.
  • Pack in insect repellents and other such creams when visiting insect infested areas. This might seem like an insignificant thing, but staying ignorant can ruin your whole trip abroad

Rum T. is an avid travel writer who occasionally takes geography tuition in his local area. He loves to write about his travel experiences and his visits abroad. Feel free to ask him any questions as he is too good in the geography subject and can help you with anything.

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