6 Ways to Recharge in Sweden

Things to do in Sweden

When you’re feeling overwhelmed or burdened by the pressures of modern day life, a vacation to a remote getaway can be just the thing. It’s easier said than done of course, as vacations take time, money, and effort to plan, but if you look at it as an effort related to your health and wellness you may just be more likely to make it happen. All that will be left is to pick the right destinations and activities.

Naturally, this sort of getaway can occur just about anywhere in the world. Our planet is full of beautiful places, and sometimes it’s simply the act of getting away from your everyday life that alleviates the most stress. But in this brief article, I’m going to single out one destination in the stunning and often overlooked region of northern Europe: Sweden.

Located on the Baltic Sea, between Denmark and Finland and north of Germany and Poland, Sweden is the sort of place we hear about now and then but which most of us don’t think about as a vacation destination. For most, it’s a little bit more remote than other, more popular destinations, and for those looking for something new it doesn’t always come up in searches for major attractions or big cities. Once you actually take a look at what Sweden has to offer, however, you discover a country full of pretty places and interesting things to do, and a little less crowded by tourists than some of its neighbors. In other words, a place that can be the perfect escape.

Things to do in Sweden

Check out the list of things to do in Sweden to make your mind and body relaxed.

1. Stay At The Ice Hotel


Described, pun intended, as the world’s coolest destination, Sweden’s Ice Hotel is a fascinating and oddly alluring place to stay. Just as it sounds like, this is a hotel made out of ice, sturdily constructed and with semi-translucent icy sculptures inside many of the rooms. The hotel is located far to the north, near the town of Paksuniemi. And you can actually stay there for under $150/night, which doesn’t make it cheap but does make it manageable. If you’re looking for something that’s just profoundly different than your day-to-day life, this hotel may just be your own personal stress relief jackpot.

2. Go For Medieval Week


Medieval Week in Sweden is a little bit more active than lounging around an ice hotel and clearing your head. But it’s still a great way to recharge if it’s the sort of thing you’re interested in. For one thing, it takes place in the summer on Gotland island, in the Baltic Sea. Additionally, however, it takes you back in time, freeing you from the stresses of modern life through its jousting tournaments, themed public markets, and tens of thousands of attendees. Sure, it’s all something of a gimmick, but it’s an easy and entertaining one to allow yourself to get swept up in.

3. Go out for Gaming


These days, Sweden actually gets more attention for online gaming than real life casinos. The stats confirm that Sweden’s one of the leaders in the growing online industry, but this shouldn’t obscure the fact that there are a few really high-quality gaming venues in the country. It’s important to stay responsible, but a getaway to a place like Stockholm with a little bit of gaming worked in can be just the thing to escape for a bit.

4. Stay In The STF Kolarbyn Eco Lodges


If you’re of the mind that nature can be liberating and you’re looking for that sort of feeling, you can’t do much better than the Kolarbyn Eco-Lodges located in the wilderness due west of Uppsala. These essentially comprise a glorified camping ground but in the best possible way. One travel site recommended a stay here for anyone who’s ever dreamed of living inside the trunk of an actual tree.

5. Walk Through Visby


For this idea, we’re heading back to the island of Gotland, which truly is one of the most beautiful places in Sweden. Visby is the main town there and is one of the most well-preserved medieval cities in all of Europe. Staying there is a treat, but even if you make a day trip to Gotland, walking the city’s streets can be so otherworldly as to relax you in a fairly deep way.

6. Go Cycling At Ven


Ven is another island in Sweden and one located in the Oresund Strait in the South. It’s actually almost as close to Denmark and Copenhagen specifically as it is to mainland Sweden, yet it belongs to Sweden and is a terrific destination for tranquility. With few inhabitants and plenty of pretty, open areas, it’s particularly noted as a hiking and cycling destination – the sort of place you can visit, ride a bike through, and feel like the world is at your fingertips.

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