Why BMW I8 is the first choice for luxury car rental?

bmw i8 car

BMW has had a long history of stunning and reliable vehicles which has been turning heads ever since. Ever since the first images of the BMW i8 concept surfaced, all the car enthusiasts around the world have been waiting for it anxiously. Now that it is actually here you need to take out onto the road to grandeur, the legacy that went into this vehicle.

First time stepping into the vehicle, it looks like there is nothing great in this vehicle, but to everyone’s surprise it also packs a powerful punch beneath all that hybrid-ness and the meager nature of hybrids.

Business Trip in BMW i8 Car

Getting around the town when in Miami you are on a business trip or on a vacation, you need a ride that screams professional at the top of its engine. Amongst all the other luxury car rentals in Miami, only the BMW i8 is the one that fits both the bills. Just imagine stepping out of this bad boy in front of the conference hall that you are attending a meeting in, or maybe cruising down the street in this intimidating ride. That said it is very important to keep this into your mind when looking for a rental in Miami. Here are some reasons that you should try it out.

bmw i8

BMW is the best in group of car rentals

At first, it doesn’t look like much with all the hybrid-ness and the accompanying meager nature, but when switching from the hybrid mode to the sports mode the truth dawns on the rider. Bringing the engine to a roaring life, the car goes from a simple vehicle to a roaring power beast. This hyper-hybrid allows you navigate through the street like none-other. It’s like the love child of a Ferrari and a Prius. The people in Miami prefer BMW as the preferred brand amongst all business class luxury car rentals.

The car features modes such as the sports, comfort mode and the eco pro mode. The economy mode is for the people who are energy conservatives and want better fuel economy, you can park a running car and even forget about it that said it won’t drain your fuel like a black hole. The exhilarating sports mode embraces you and does not let you go without a fight.

BMW first choice for personal transportation

The BMW i8 represents a radical change in BMWs radical way of rethinking the way personal transportation is taking a toll on the fuel economy. It is a great first effort to cater to the new century yet maintaining the performance legacy costing a lot more than you can imagine. The base price is around $135,700 and adding up features and luxuries will make the price go much higher. Buying this beauty in the UK comes bearing a price tag of £99,845, although the electric-only mode gives you a great deal of mileage to avoid congestion charges and preserves the green around. If you can’t buy, enjoy the features using luxury car rental services in Miami.

Down in Miami, you can get this baby for an astounding $299,000 but just think how much you can save on gas. Now not a lot of people don’t have the whole amount so when going to rent luxury cars in Miami make sure that you give the BMW i8 a try.

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