10 Cuisines You Can’t Miss While Travelling to India

Indian Cuisines

Prepare yourself to dive into a world of spice-packed, flavour and fragrance

The role that food plays in love is surely not a walk-on part. It gives rubber-stamp to the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, this is on the money only for more than half of of men. What’s turn up for the books is that nearly half of women spelt out that food is the way to their hearts.

If you are travelling to India, it is highly recommended to try out these delicious cuisines. However, it is highly recommended by the writer to find good restaurants or abstain from some of these if your stomach can’t handle spicy food.

Not every culture has really labyrinthine fare, but India, on the other hand, contains a blend of different cuisines. From fragrant curries to tandoori-grilled meats, tasty and healthy, one of the best mouth-watering dishes you could ever dream of.

10 Must Eat Indian Cuisines & Dishes

1. Chicken Tikka Masala


Chicken tikka masala is a finger-licking grilled chicken dish that is going to be fixed in your mind after you sink your teeth into it. The thick, creamy sauce of spiced tomato puts some spark perfectly into with the chili, garlic, and ginger soused chicken that gets a shot of great smoky flavour.

This well off and creamy ambrosial Chicken tikka masala lets you comes out completely. With piquant golden chicken pieces splashing around in a magnificent gravy, the Chicken Tikka Masala is one of the best you will try.

The genuine Chicken Tikka Masala is made with yogurt soaked chicken, skewered and chargrilled for tremendous bbq flavours. The hush-hush to incredible Chicken Tikka Masala is a salty yogurt-based marinade followed by fierce scorching on a hot grill.

2. Rogan Josh


The letter-for-letter rendering for the name of this plat du jour from Kashmir is “red lamb.” The colour crops up from Kashmiri dry red chilies. While the name may sound red-hot, the fury of the dish is nipped down by the cream that is put on at the end. Rogan josh is a kind of Indian curry picked out due to its thick, tasty red sauce and tender meat. For the most part, Rogan josh incorporates goat or lamb that has been moderately cooked in oil, yogurt and a combination of many different spices. Despite its strong red shade, it is usually not a spicy curry. Rogan josh is known as a marvellous dish in Northern India and is a well-received menu item at Indian restaurants in North America and Europe. One of the most soft spot dishes of Kashmiri meals, Rogan Josh is also included in the Wazwan, the celebratory 36-course meal in Kashmiri cuisine. The meat is fried in a sauce made of syrup heated onions, yoghurt, ginger, garlic and a handful of herbs like bay leaves, cardamom, cinnamon and sun-baked red Kashmiri chillies.

3. Hyderabadi Biryani


One of the most liked biryani formula, Hyderabadi Biryani is a nosh-up from down the south but it’s pretty famous all across the country and even outside. The tasteful and appetizing gastronomic wonder is a treat to get a thrill out of and is often cooked for dinner jamborees at north Indian kitchens.

4. Butter Chicken


More commonly called as murgh makhani, butter chicken is usually steeped up overnight in a mixture of yogurt and spice. It usually uses garam masala, ginger, garlic paste, lemon, pepper, coriander, cumin, turmeric, and chili. The chicken is typically baked in a tandoor, a cylindrical terracotta oven used for cooking in Southern, Central and Western Asia.

5. Tandoori Chicken


Next on the index is the popular Indian barbecue chicken recipe. It’s pretty difficult to find anyone who doesn’t fall in love with tandoori chicken. Plate up this one over basmati rice casted with turmeric and add a few pieces of fresh onion for an extra welly. Soaked in yogurt and spiced in a tandoor, Tandoori chicken is basically prepared from spit-roasted chicken. It is most admired dish from the Indian subcontinent and received a huge applause in other parts of the world.

6. Malai Kofta


Malai Kofta is another very famous dish of Indian cuisine line-up. Vegetarian form of meatballs, Malai Kofta works effectively with naan bread or Jeera rice. Although it is usually cooked only for special events, a lot of Indian restaurants in England still present this on the daily basis.

7. Palak Paneer


If you’re wanting to stay healthy while visiting India, this is an ideal Indian dish for you. Palak paneer is a dish comprising of spinach and paneer (Indian farmer’s cheese) in a heavy curry sauce made from pure spinach. It is among the most crowd pleaser vegetarian dishes in India. The most well-liked paneer recipe at Indian restaurants is, so far, palak paneer. It is nothing more than spinach and cottage cheese and it’s a magnificently tasteful dish that is super health-giving, too.

8. Masala Dosa


A dosa is South Indian, brewed crepe prepared from rice pummel and black lentils. Masala Dosa, particularly, is when you pack it with a slightly cooked filling of potatoes, fried onions and spices. One of the supreme combinations of texture and flavour from the subcontinent, masala dosa is going to bowl you over straight away. If you forget this great crowd pleaser while camping in India, you are surely a loser.

9. Shahi Daal


Dal makhani is most wanted meal from the Punjab zone of the Indian subcontinent. The chief components are whole black lentil (urad), red kidney beans (rajma), butter and cream. The dish gets well-heeled with the use of cream, but it can also be prepared with yogurt, milk or without dairy.

10. Kheer


Kheer is fundamentally rice pudding prepared across India, it is identical to rice payasam made in South Indian kitchens. One of the best-loved Indian sweet course, Rice kheer can be prepared quickly and easily with just a few ingredients. Kheer is indeed the ideal dish to enjoy a festival or just cook it up as an after-meal dessert at home.

Which one of the above mentioned dish you are going to give a hand on while visiting India?

These tips are from Abbie Ella, a foodie and blog writer. She works for a company that offers cargo services to India from UK. She has travelled to India a lot due to her line of work and knows what she is talking about.

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