How to get a passport in India?


There is a world of difference in getting a passport in India, then and now. Applying for a passport used to be a complicated process in the past. But today things have turned out to be in favor of the applicants, helping them navigate the process of getting a passport easily. The advent of new technological developments has caused a breakthrough in the field of air travel and so has it transformed the procedures of passport issuance, enabling efficient services to Indian applicants. An authorized passport agency can help you navigate the process of getting a passport easily.

There are various passport services that you can utilize according to your requirement. The following are the different services you can get from a reliable passport service provider to get a new passport or renew a passport.

  • Fresh Passport
  • Tatkal Passport
  • Renewal of Passport
  • Minor/Child Passport
  • Student Passport
  • Change the name or Address on the Passport
  • Damage or Lost Passport Application

The moment you think about passport application, you will have several questions flooding your mind. Whether you plan to apply for a new passport or renew your passport, we have covered all the possible questions that you might have concerning the ‘what is’ and ‘how to’ of the passport application process.

  1. What is the process to apply for a new passport/renew passport?

The following steps would give you a clear understanding of how you should proceed in applying for a new passport or renewal of your passport. Follow these steps in the mentioned order to make the process easy.

  • Log on to the Passport Seva Website
  • Register as a new user to get your User ID. Fill in your user details and Register. After registering successfully, you will receive a confirmation mail to the email ID with which you have registered.
  • Confirm by clicking the link in the email.
  • Now Login to the Passport Seva website using the User ID and password, which you gave while registering
  • Select the option given. Select Apply for Fresh Passport if you want to get a new passport or select Reissue of Passport if you want to renew your passport.
  • Fill in the online passport application form or you can also download the e-Form and fill it offline and upload it whenever you want.
  • Make the required payment to fix an appointment with the PSK in your city. Just click Pay and Book your appointment. When the payment is made, the earliest available appointment will be displayed on the screen. After your payment is processed, your appointment will be confirmed.
  • On the day of your appointment, visit the designated PSK. Carry your passport application appointment that you booked earlier. Make plans to be on time. Carry the original documents and the self-attested photocopies required to complete the procedure. After submitting your documents, your passport application will be processed, verified and finally cleared for any issue. The Electronic Queue Management System at the PSK works on a ‘first-in-first-out’ principle that enables quick processing of your passport application.
  1. What documents are required to apply for a new passport/renew passport online?

On the day of your appointment at the PSK, you have to carry valid documents to support your identity throughout the passport application process, without which you will not be able to move forward in applying and getting your passport. Make sure to carry along the following documents based on your need.

For Normal application, you would need a Proof of Present Address and a Proof of Date of Birth.

For a Tatkal application, you would need certain additional documents along with the Proof of Present Address and Proof of Date of Birth.

Let’s take a look at the various documents that are required for passport application in India under various conditions.

Documents required for a new passport (Normal Application):

  • Passport application for a new passport
  • Four numbers of passport size photo
  • Address proof (Aadhar card/bank passbook/voter card / Gas bill ) Photocopy
  • Birth Certificate or school certificate- 10th, 12th for proof of date of birth
  • Aadhar card for age proof
  • Citizenship document for Indian citizen
  • Government employees have to submit original Identity Certificate.
  • Attested copy of the supporting document for ECNR if eligible
  • Documents to show any expenses from the government of India on his/her repatriation, which was fully refunded.
  • Details of emergency certificate or passport issued in case the applicant went through emergency deportation to India.

Documents required for a duplicate passport (Lost or Damage):

  • Duplicate passport application
  • FIR and receipt (NCR)
  • Old passport photocopy if available
  • Proof of Date of birth
  • Notary for loss of passport

Documents required for reissue of passport:

  • Original old passport and self-attested photocopy
  • Document needed according to Annexure 4.
  • Document needed according to Annexure 5 if ECNR stamp was not available on old passport or was issued when the applicant was a minor.
  • Documents supporting proof of a change of address.
  • Copy of marriage certificate issued by the Registrar of Marriage or affidavits to support the name of the spouse.

Minor/Child Passport

Applicants under 18 years of age are considered minors according to the passport issuance in India. Minors are issued a 36-page passport booklet.

Eligibility Required For Minor Passport

The following factors determine the eligibility of a minor to get a passport.

  • Parents separated but not legally divorced
  • Minors from Jammu and Kashmir
  • Parents resident abroad
  • Minors from Nagaland
  • Parents divorced
  • Minor children of government/statutory body employees
  • Parent(s) with a valid passport and spouse name endorsed
  • Passport applied by one parent when other parents not giving consent
  • Passport applied by a legal guardian
  • Single parents

Documents required for Minor/Child passport:

  • Photocopy of passport of both parents that is also attested
  • Original passports of parents
  • A sworn affidavit of parent residing abroad and the affidavit from parent residing in India.
  • Proof of present address
  • Proof of date of birth
  • Declaration confirming the particulars furnished in the application as per Annexure D.

Documents required for student passport:

The number of students seeking to pursue higher studies abroad increase every year. This makes it important to know what documents must be submitted to make the process easier.

  1. Address Proof
  • Latest utility bill – water or electricity
  • Latest telephone bill
  • Income tax assessment order
  • The photo ID card issued by the election commission
  • If an employed certificate issued by the employer
  • Aadhar card
  • Rental agreement
  • In the case of minors – passport copy of parents
  • Photo passbook of active bank account
  1. Proof of date of birth
  • Student ID card
  • Bonafide certificate issued by the college

Documents Required for Newborn Baby Passport:

  • Prof of Birth, which is the Birth Certificate.
  • Proof of present address, which would be the parent’s passport, water or electricity bill, Aadhar Card, Gas connection, Election Voter ID.
  • Annexure D signed by both parents.
  • One Passport Photo of the Baby
  • PSK appointment receipt.

Documents required for the passport of adopted children:

  • Registered legit adoption deed.
  • A court order for guardianship in case of Christians, Muslims and Parsis.
  • Copy of the guarantee executed before the Court.

Documents required for change of name/surname for women due to marriage:

  • Photocopy of the Husband’s passport
  • Photocopy of marriage certificate issued by Registrar of Marriage and attested or an affidavit from the husband and wife
  • Joint photograph of husband and wife

Documents required for change of name in passport due to divorce:

  • Certified copy of Divorce degree.
  • Deed poll or sworn affidavit

Documents required for change of name due to remarriage:

  • Divorce deed or death certificate, whatever is applicable
  • Document as at (1) above relating to second marriage if applicable

Documents required for change of name due to other circumstances, the applicant (both male and female) should furnish:

  • Deed poll/sworn affidavit
  • Paper cuttings of two leading daily newspapers in original

Documents required for a new passport (Tatkal Application):

A standard affidavit and a Specimen Verification Certificate must be submitted along with the application, documentation, and color photographs.

You have to submit any three documents out of the 14 documents mentioned below. You must submit at least one photo identity document as one among the three documents that need to be submitted. Apart from this, you have to submit a standard affidavit on non-judicial stamp paper duly attested by a Notary.

Documents required for a passport under Tatkal scheme:

  • Verification Certificate as per “Annexure F”
  • Voter Id card
  • Photo of Service Id Card
  • A copy of SC/ST/OBC certificate
  • Id cards of Freedom Fighters
  • Arms License
  • Ration card
  • PAN card
  • Copy of Bank passbook
  • Student’s Id card from a recognized institution
  • Driving license
  • Birth certificate
  • Gas connection bill
  • Property documents
  • Pension documents
  • Railway Photo Identity card
  1. How long does it take to receive the passport?

The standard duration for receiving a normal passport would be 30 days from the date of submitting your application. It ideally takes at least two to three weeks to get a new passport or to renew your passport. But if you are applying for a passport on the Tatkal scheme, you can get a passport within just one to three days.

  1. How to track your passport status?

You can easily check the real-time status on the progress of your passport application. Log on to the Passport Seva website by giving your login credentials. Then click ‘Track Application Status’ and select the Application Status option. Enter your file number and date of birth. The latest status of your passport application will be displayed on the screen.

The current passport application process is comparatively much easier than the previous process where applicants needed to submit a list of several documents. The current process requires only four documents from the applicants and if the documents are found valid, the applicants can get their passports just within a week’s time. This is a breakthrough in passport issuance that allows applicants to purchase flight tickets well in advance without having the need to worry about the passport.

Additionally, Indian passports will be in both English and Hindi languages. This has been initiated to assist people who are not well-versed in English but are familiar with the national language. Also, in case of Tatkal passport, an applicant can submit the ration card.


You can get a passport within a week in four steps:

  • Book an appointment with PSK in the earliest 5 working days
  • Get your documents ready – photocopies of Aadhaar card, voter ID, PAN card, and an affidavit that has the declaration of citizenship, family details and most importantly, no criminal record
  • Submit the application
  • Get your passport after being approved by the granting officer

Now is the right time to get your passport!

The new procedure to get a passport is very much simplified and doesn’t require extra charges. You only need to ensure that you have all the documents in order. If you are ready with that, you don’t even have to wait for the police verification process. The passport will be issued first before the verification and after getting your passport; your details will be verified through a mobile app called mPassport.

The concerned police officer will take your photo at your residence via the passport app and attach the photos of the original documents and upload them on the app.

In case you fail the verification process, the issued passport will be impounded and revoked.

The old process had a drawback, where all applicants born after 26th January 1989 had to submit their Birth Certificate. This is not required now. Instead, the new process accepts any of the following documents for identity proof in case you are not able to submit your birth certificate. You can submit any of the following for ID proof.

  • PAN Card
  • Aadhar Card or E-Aadhar
  • Driving license
  • Election Photo Identity Card
  • Transfer Certificate, School Leaving or Matriculation Certificate
  • Copy of the extract of the service record only for the government servants or the Pension Payment Order for retired government servants, duly attested or certified by the officer or in-charge of the administration of the concerned ministry or department
  • Policy bond issued by the public life insurance companies

Additionally, new passports can have either the father’s or mother’s name. It is not necessary for married applicants to submit their marriage certificate. For a couple going through a divorce or separation, one doesn’t need to provide their spouse’s name or divorce decree. Single parents will have no more issues as they can now apply for their children’s passport easily. All these leniencies make the passport application process a lot easier, facilitating applicants to pursue their dreams. A passport service provider can take you through this process to make sure your documents will not be held for any reason but processed through for quick passport issuance.


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