10 Must Visit Caribbean Beaches for your First Trip


Caribbean Beaches are indeed world famous. It is hard to resist the turquoise waves against the sugary sands. The vacation rentals are very close to the beach and restaurants and are just the perfect way to enjoy a beach holiday. Before you jet-set to the Caribbean holiday and explore its beautiful beaches, why not get to know the top beaches, based on expert insights. Here is a list of the best Caribbean beaches, especially if you are here on your first trip. Enjoy these beaches any day, any time and include them in your list.

Top 10 Best Beaches in the Caribbean

1. Shoal Bay, Anguilla


Anguilla is indeed looked upon as a Caribbean hot spot for Hollywood honeymooners and celebrities. Anguilla’s popularity is rising because of its laid-back charm. Noted for its 33 beaches dotting the 16-mile stretch of island, Shoal Bay is among the most popular. Lined with beautiful beaches with pearly-white sand, the best part is that the beaches are open to the public. Take advantage of the rental equipment which is easily available for parasailing, snorkeling scuba diving. There are plenty of bars and restaurants here that make the beach even more popular. Anguilla is one of our favorites for Caribbean vacation rentals but there are a lot of other options as well.

2. Turks & Caicos


If you are seeking a break from your hectic lifestyle than Turks & Caicos makes the perfect choice for you. Enjoy relaxing on those white sands framed by shimmering azure waters. It is indeed a joy to immerse yourself in the light-hearted atmosphere. Turks & Caicos has generated more tourist activity and commercially driven experiences in the recent years.

3. Pink Sands, Bahamas


Caribbean’s most valuable stock in beaches is the Pink Sands beaches in the Bahamas. Those pink-sand beaches draw sand-and-sea lovers from all over the world and are indeed the most beautiful in the whole world. Watch those pink colored sands take on a salmon-colored hue in the setting sun. The beach is famous for sheltered swimming and snorkeling in the pristine quality of the water.

4. Eagle Beach, Aruba


Eagle Beach with its miles of clean shores and tranquil waters enjoys a fair share of tourism. Boasting of a picture-perfect weather year-round, the wide swath of powdery sand of the beautiful beach and the gentle surf make it just perfect for swimming. Much quieter when compared to other beaches, it is free to public access. There are ample parking, shaded areas along with a wide variety of water sports.

5. Crane Beach, Barbados


What makes Barbados distinctive is its natural beauty and fun-loving culture. The sandy Crane Beach is made of fine, soft sand. Snorkelers and scuba divers arrive here for an exceptional experience as they dive underwater to explore the exotic underwater life. The waters are filled with surfers as the Crane Beach is known for its great waves. However, only strong swimmers must go in when the seas get rough. The Crane Resort offers a special experience to its guests along the extraordinary expanse of sand and the unspoiled coast. Crane Beach is the perfect choice for event and family holidays.

6. Punta Cana Beach


Watch the soft sugary sand of a Punta Cana beach turn golden under the rays of the sun, during early morning or late evening. Located at the easternmost tip of the Dominican Republic., it is a perfect Caribbean getaway. Much sought after by the sun-seeking vacationers, it is indeed an unforgettable experience to spend some time at the Punta Cana beach

7. Horseshoe Bay, Bermuda


Horseshoe Bay is no exception when it comes to famous pink-sand beaches of Bermuda. Those wide stretches of the pastel pink sand are because of corals and crushed shells. The pink of the sands contrasts with the clear blue waves. The beach goers arrive at Horseshoe Bay and enjoy all the facilities and amenities one looks for in the beach areas. This is what makes it Bermuda’s most popular shore.

8. Cayman Islands


The Cayman Islands continue to be alluring and charming as they are the perfect getaway for all kind of travelers. Honeymooners and families love to hike 200-year-old Mastic Trail or enjoy the interactive swims at Stingray. It is the right beach for those looking for both adventure and fun. Located on the largest island, Cayman is famous for scuba diving, beach resorts, and snorkeling sites. The stingrays are one of the main attractions here.

9. Philipsburg, St Maarten


Philipsburg is a cosmopolitan beach destination that carries a flair of Dutch and French sides. Phillipsburg, being the center of the Dutch side sees a hub of activity with lots of cruise ships coming and going. This busy beachfront is lined with colorful umbrellas along the wide sandy shores. Philipsburg is in the heart of the city and Front Street is its main shopping district. Many cruise liners such as Crown Princess and Celebrity Solstice arrive here.

10. Harrismith Beach, Barbados


Harrismith Beach is just a short distance from Bottom Bay. Spend the day at this sandy paradise that is accessible by a flight of stone steps. The cliff-top ruins overlooking the sea boast of an old plantation house that adds to the charm of the beach. Enjoy a picnic, relax with a book or search for shells on this remote beach that is indeed like a hidden gem of a beach. The isolated cove and number of hidden caves along the coast lure many travelers here looking for adventure and solitude.

If you are a beach lover, then simply head for the Caribbean. Start planning your trip and just browse Caribbean vacation rentals for a great lodging experience.

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