5 Reasons You Should Visit Finland in 2017

Finland is forever growing in popularity amongst tourists. And for good reason too. The Nordic nation has a whole host of fantastic attractions for visitors to enjoy. Not aware of them? Don’t worry – allow us to enlighten you. Read on for 5 brilliant reasons you should make Finland your next holiday destination.

Top 5 Places to Visit in Finland:

  1. Northern Lights

Northern Lights Finland

There’s no doubt about it – the northern lights are one of the most spectacular sights in the world. And when it comes to choosing where to spot them, there are a few contenders. Sweden, Norway, Iceland and even Scotland have northern regions where the aurora is visible. But Finland definitely stakes its claim as the best, with around 200 clear nights a year and some unique accommodation options for spectacular views.

  1. Lapland

Lapland Finland

While you have a few options for the northern lights, there is one thing that only Finland can offer. Yes, the magical region of Lapland. Situated in the North of Finland, Lapland offers the most authentic experience for Christmas lovers young and old. In the region’s capital, Rovaniemi, tourists can visit the amazing Santa Claus Village with its very own reindeer farm and snowmobile activities.

  1. Helsinki

helsinki finland

It’s not all snow and peaceful surroundings. Finland also boasts its own metropolitan hub. With a plethora of unique bars and restaurants, Helsinki offers up the perfect destination for those who love city breaks. It combines this bustling atmosphere with the gorgeous surroundings we’ve come to expect from Finland as a whole. The city is also famous for its wide range of museums, covering everything from the rich Finnish history to their world-famous art and design.

  1. Sauna

Sauna Finland

You might think of the sauna as something you see at the gym or spa. Not in Finland. Saunas are deeply entwined in Finnish culture. There are an estimated two million saunas across the country, with a population of less than 6 million. Yes, that’s a sauna for every three people. It’s the norm for friends, relatives and even business associates to visit the sauna together. So, yes, it’s definitely something tourists should try if they want an interesting and refreshing cultural insight.

  1. Centenary

Centenary Finland

Last, but certainly not least, on our list of reasons to visit Finland is their centenary. For many years, Finland was fought over by the Russians and Swedish, but gained its independence in 1917. Every year since then, Finland has celebrated their independence with great enthusiasm and elation. And 100 years on, the celebrations will be better than ever.

Music festivals, art exhibitions and even the opening of the country’s 40th national park, Hossa, are amongst the events on offer throughout the year. But for the biggest celebrations, you should try to visit around the official Independence Day of December 6th or New Year’s Eve 2017.


Best destinations in 2017

Finland has a perfect mix of culture, natural beauty and exciting attractions. But it’s just one of the great destinations you can visit in 2017. Which of these top 10 worldwide travel destinations are you going to visit this year?

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