Top 10 Attractions to visit in Mumbai, Maharashtra

One of the optimum and most favorable countries in the world is India. India is famous when it comes to stunning and good-looking citizens; it is also known for its rich contribution to the world especially when it comes to their culture and literature. But did you know that India is also one of the in demand countries where attractive and beautiful places abound specifically at Mumbai, India.

There are top ten attractions to visit in Mumbai India wherein you can find satisfaction, gratification and pleasure in life.

Top 10 Must Visit Attractions in Mumbai

1. Heritage Edifices

Heritage Edifices mumbai

Mumbai, India is rich when it comes to their different legacies especially in their edifices or houses/buildings. It is their memorabilia from their ancestors whom they treasured most because of the kind of unique structure and it shows how creative, artistic, imaginative and resourceful they are. It is a perfect place for those who can appreciate arts and antique works.

2. Gateway of India

Gateway of India

Want some different experience? Don’t miss the Gateway of India where everyone needs to visit first before going to other places, because if you forgot to be in this place you’ll find something is lacking in your trip. Actually it is one of the most acquainted spot of tourist here at Mumbai.

3. Marketplaces and Bazaars

Marketplaces and Bazaars

If you’re looking for souvenirs, don’t hesitate to visit their marketplaces and bazaars where you go deeper about their culture by taking a look or buying some memorable and terrific things that can serve as your proof that you’ve been to Mumbai, India. There are so much souvenirs, “affordable and distinctive souvenirs” that everyone will wish to have one.

4. Kala Ghoda Art Precinct

Kala Ghoda Art Precinct

Before leaving the place of Mumbai, be sure to be at Kala Ghoda Art Precinct wherein different and amazing art galleries can be seen there. There are also some museums where you can find yourself enjoying by just taking a look to the exhibits and displays. By being here you will appreciate more the culture, history, works and lifestyle of India.

5. Beaches at Juhu and Marine Drive Chowpatty

Beaches at Juhu and Marine Drive Chowpatty

Do you love to see the splendid and fabulous sunset? Try to visit some beaches at Mumbai like the Juhu and Marine Drive Chowpatty. It is such a bit of fresh air to feel the cool breeze of the air and to witness the most awaited part  of these beaches, the sunset and by viewing its beautiful color, you can buy some food and taste the pride delicacies and recipes of Mumbai.

6. Haji Ali

Haji Ali

Experience the unique and extraordinary feeling at Haji Ali a mosque and at the same time a tomb. And for your information this is located in the middle of the sea. Can you imagine that? So amazing! You can go over it by simply walking through a long pathway and take note it is only easy to get there if it is low tide.

7. Meet the Mumbai Dabbawalas

Meet the Mumbai Dabbawalas

If you have seen these persons you will more appreciate the beauty of India and not only to their different tourist spots but also to their working citizens especially these thousands of people who are preparing, serving and bringing foods to those persons who can’t go home for lunch. “Bravo”! “Wow”! That will be your expression.

8. Mahalaxmi Dhobi Ghat

Mahalaxmi Dhobi Ghat

Tired of washing clothes? If you want a different way of washing your clothes, the Mahalaxmi Dhobi Ghat are always ready for service. They are the ones who are responsible in washing dirty laundries at Mumbai. And guess what.. they are washing manually, so meaning they are scrubbing and whipping the laundries that’s why people here trust them so much because of their nice and clean service.

9. Bollywood


Hollywood? Are you aiming for it? Yeah right! But it’s Bollywood. Experience movie marathon, and be in Bollywood and be a part of the biggest film production in India. India’s best actresses and actors can be seen here and you come to realize how excellent and good they are when it comes to acting.

10. Caves and National Park

Caves and National Park

Mumbai has also a caves and national park. In caves you can see stalactites and stalagmites, bring your flashlights and cameras for you to have a safe and remarkable trip. Try also to be at the National Park of Mumbai, and bring your friends and families and have your picnic and bonding time together especially to those parents who lack time with their kids.

When you hear the place Mumbai, it means perfect place for vacation and happiness. So what are you waiting for, start planning and doing some ways to experience the priceless stay at Mumbai, India.

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