12 Tourist Attraction Places in Dubai which you must Visit

Dubai, the most happening city in the world. It is one of the world’s fastest growing cities and is also a bustling metropolitan. The city offers you the life and pouring with a wide number of activities, and you will find it hard to get asleep. Dubai is the part of the United Arab Emirates, situated in the middle-east. The generates money from the oil resources and tourism.

Talking about its tourism industry, it is now blooming as it offers some many things to tourists to do in the city. As per the report, one of the most visited cities in the world is Dubai and it gets around 10 million footfalls every year. However, it has so much option for tourists, that one can easily get confused to decide from where to begin the journey to explore the city. Here are best 12 tourist attraction that you must visit in Dubai.

Top 12 Attractions to visit in Dubai

  1. Burj Al Arab:


With a height of 321 meter, Burj Al Arab is known as the world’s third tallest hotel. Apart from this, in the world, it is the only 7-star hotel. It is situated on an artificial island and one of the most visited landmarks. You can enjoy here a high-class tea and dinner with your family.

  1. Burj Khalifa:


You have not visited the Burj Khalifa during your Dubai trip, then your trip is incomplete. It gets more than 2 million of footfalls every year.  It is the world’s tallest building and its height is 829.8 meter, around (2,722 ft). From its 124th and 125th floors, you can enjoy the mesmerizing views of Dubai.

  1. Dubai Desert Safari:


If you are a business traveler and love adventure, you can’t miss the Dubai desert safari. visit there to enjoy a different life with traditional tents, furnished pillows and carpets and spend some quality time with the bonfire.

  1. Dubai Fountain:


It is world’s second largest choreographed fountain system. The fountain has water jets, which shoot the water more than 100 feet and dance with the rhythms of the songs. Spend 30 minutes there to enjoy the stunning water, light and music show.

  1. Dubai Creek:


Dubai Creek is connected with the history of Dubai. It has helped Dubai’s fishing village to become a flourishing trade center. There you can see Dubai Chamber of Commerce, Al Diwan Assembly, Rolex Twin Towers and more.

  1. Atlantis Hotel:


The hotel is developed on the theme of Atlantis kingdom. It has 1500 luxurious rooms. There you can enjoy the dolphin bay, and water park. The rooms have underwater sea view and you will enjoy the view of marine life swimming in natural environment. If you need a hotel for accommodation, check out the best hotels in Dubai.

  1. Dubai Mall:


If you are in Dubai, you can’t resist yourself from visiting the world’s largest shopping mall i.e., Dubai Mall. It has some major attractions like World’s biggest aquarium, underwater zoon, the Ambassador hotel and more. If you are planning to visit the mall in January you can enjoy the annual Dubai Shopping Festival.

  1. Palm Jumeirah:


One of the poshest areas in Dubai and it house some luxurious hotels, restaurants, beach clubs and houses. The place is good for family and sightsee. But not everyone can afford it.

  1. Dubai Marina:


This 3-kilometer long artificial canal is also known as the world’s largest man-made canal/marina. The towers and villas located in Dubai Marina will provide accommodation for above 120,000 people. You can enjoy it best by a dhow cruise.

  1. Meena Bazar:


It has been there in the city for last 50 years and here you will feel like you have arrived different place, back in time. This area is best for shopping and you will different kinds of products like perfume, jewellery, clothing, gadgets and more. You may also try some of the best street markets in Dubai for shopping.

  1. Dubai Museum:


Located in Fahidi Fort, it is the oldest building in Dubai. It shows the pictures of traditional Dubai. In 2013, it witnessed more than 1 million visitors. You will get to see the traditional emirate life and artifacts from around 3,000 to 4,000 years old.

  1. Dubai Miracle Garden:


The garden is treated as the haven of Dubai and houses different types of natural flowers. Its longest flower wall, has lead it to cornered a place in Guinness Book of Records. It is place where you can see flower made Eiffel tower, pyramids, stars and more.

The list will never end as Dubai houses a wide number of tourist spots. The best way to enjoy the stunning view of Dubai is by taking a helicopter flight. What are you waiting for now? Visit Dubai and explore the beauty of the city.

Author Bio: Evelyn Clark is a professional Travel Writer. She traveled many places and got information about traveling during her carrier. She is currently associated with Yallarent Vacation Homes Rental LLC which is a Holiday Home Rentals Company in Dubai. She loves to share her views regarding some best places to visit in Dubai.

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