Top 10 Attractions to Visit in Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Chennai is known as capital city of Tamil Nadu. Do you want to know more about some of the places or attractions at Chennai? Fasten your seat belt and let’s tour the beauty and charisma of one of the most visited cities at India.

There are top ten attractions to visit at Chennai. And to tell you the truth this place is so wonderful wherein you don’t want to leave and go at home.

Top 10 Must visit attractions in Chennai

1. Elliot’s Beach

Elliots Beach

Chennai is rich in beaches specifically the Elliot’s Beach wherein there are lots of things to do. If you’re looking for peaceful and quiet place where you can relax and be free from stress and problems this is the perfect place for you. You can also bring your family and bond with each other.

2. Anna Zoological Park

Anna Zoological Park

Are you an animal lover? Or do you love to bond with animals? Come and enjoy the presence of the different kinds of animals and before going here be sure to bring your camera so that you capture some memorable experience with the lovely animals. You can also be with your friends and families here and have your bonding and picnic.

3. Marina Beach

Marina Beach

Another attraction beach at Chennai is the Marina Beach. It is also a place for relaxation and if you are avoiding the crowded tourists.

4. Covelong Beach

Covelong Beach

Tourists are having fun in this place where they find pleasure in swimming and playing along the sand. It is one of the most visited beaches where you will be free from pollution and smoke of the city.

5. Santhome Church

Santhome Church

It is not only a church it is a cathedral that‘s full of history. It is built on the tomb of one of the apostles of Jesus. It is not like the extraordinary churches that we can see in some places. If you want to be here prepare yourself because you will really experience how relieving to have peace in mind.

6. Muttukadu Boat House

Muttukadu Boat House

Date problem? Swimming problem? Don’t be reluctant to have fun at Muttukadu. If you don’t know how to swim there is a remedy for that because at Muttukadu they are offering a service for that through the use of a motor boat. And to those couples who are looking for a perfect place for a date, you are welcome here to spend your time together and share love with each other.

7. Sri Parthasarathy Temple

Sri Parthasarathy Temple

To those people who are religious in nature and want some experience to come across in different temples at Chennai be here at Sri Parthasarathy Temple. It is one of the oldest temples in Chennai. Some places can make you happy but if you have been here you will be amazed and feel something that you can’t explain.

8. The Anna Centenary Library

The Anna Centenary Library

Chennai is not only a place for relaxation and a place where you can enjoy the gift of nature; Chennai can provide and boost your mind through their books at Anna Centenary Library. It has different collections of books where everyone can come to have their research.

9. Dakshina Chitra

Dakshina Chitra

It is an ideal place for spending your time to know more about the culture of South India. You will be pleased about their lifestyle, and witness diverse kinds of performances from the people here and at the same time you can converse with them and know more about their personalities and values and in that way, you can say, “it’s nice to be here”.

10. Guindy Snake Park

Guindy Snake Park

Scary! Yuck! These can be your first impression when we talk about snakes, but don’t you know that in Chennai there is a place where you can find friendly, lovely and gracious snakes. Sureness before leaving this place you will really love to buy snakes and make it as your pet.

There are so many things to do to fulfill our pleasure and make our life happy. Sometimes it depends on the individual on how he/she find ways to put away, stress, sadness, problems and aches in life. So, now the choice is yours. Will you come or not? Do you want to be happy or not?

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