Recognize the World’s Natural Elegance From an Excellent Helicopter Ride

Helicopter Ride

Helicopter Ride

The beauty of a helicopter ride is that it allows one to access the remote and hard to reach areas. Helicopter expeditions massively reward the traveler with a breathtaking aerial viewpoint, thanks to the chopper’s ability to fly inferior to planes and hover over great views.

To acquire the thrilling experience, you do not have to travel far from home and spend a massive amount of funds, for helicopter ride expedition can be reasonable along with the bragging rights that come with them.

The chopper joyride may be one of the most exciting parts of your life and can be a worthy story to share and tell. The moment you have taken one of these astonishing copter rides, you will realize how beautiful the world is.

The Great Barrier Reef of Australia

The Great Barrier Reef of Australia

The most extensive barrier reef in the world reaches around 1,600 miles. The sheer magnitude of its fantastic view makes you see and believe its richness and diversities in marine life.

The Skyscrapers of Hong Kong

The Skyscrapers of Hong Kong

The east-meets-west attraction of Hong Kong does not diminish, regardless of who is in power.  In a country filled with tourists and high-rise structures, it is only natural to want to soar above it all. Chopper joyrides take in sights like Victoria Peak, Kowloon Bay, and the bright horizon.

The Victoria Falls of Zambia/Zimbabwe


The “smoke that thunders’’ is what the residents call it. These falls stand on both sides of the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe, extending to around 5,600 feet across and dropping down from a massive height of 360 feet. This natural wonder was made famous by the Scottish explorer David Livingstone in approximately mid-1800s.

The Landmarks of Rio de Janeiro

The Landmarks of Rio de Janeiro

Get away from the travelers crowding the famous city of Rio de Janeiro by taking off on a tour of its landmarks, including the Ipanema Beach and the world-renowned statue of Christ the Redeemer which is one of the world’s most photographed spectacle.

The Modern Buildings of Tokyo

The Modern Buildings of Tokyo

Together with Japan’s trendy residents and futuristic infrastructures, Tokyo is plenty to take in only from avenue level. So how about looking from above? Book for a great journey and determine on a speedy trip over the exemplary city display such as the Tokyo Tower, Imperial Palace, and the stylish community of Shinjuku and Ginza.

The Columbia Mountains of Canada


This mountain territory on the south-east side of British Columbia is famous for summer strolls when the countryside breakout with wildflowers. If your adventure desires adrenaline-pumping activities, go to Canadian Mountain Holidays.

Organized by an Austrian explorer Hans Gmoser in the year of 1959, this tour association was the earliest to offer the heli-hiking and heli-skiing. Visitors ride a chopper daily to travel between their vacation residence and breathtaking viewpoints on distant mountain hills.

The Greater Johannesburg Region


The city of note Johannesburg located in South Africa is the largest, wealthiest city and holds the economic powerhouse in Africa.


Whether you are just want to experience a helicopter flight or to satisfy the need to explore its scenic environs combined with a romantic lunch at the out-of-the-way restaurant, it is surely the breathtaking experience that you will enjoy above the city of Johannesburg.

The Fox Glacier of  New Zealand

The Fox Glacier of New Zealand

There is no wonder that New Zealand is a place that enriches with some of the most magnificent scenery in the world and has gained its reputation. One of the places that anyone must see is Fox Glacier, a 13-km (8-mile) long glacier which located in Westland Tai Poutini National Park. This helicopter tour will give its passengers a bird’s perspective of the crevasses and peaks of the glacier also the scenic majestic Mount Cook before making a landing in the beautiful wide snow.


Traveling the world is the dream of every people who loves to explore. However, these helicopter rides from different countries might require you a considerable amount of expenses and time, but there is one thing that is for sure, the amount of excitement you will experience during your incredible adventure is a lifetime of a story to tell.

Author’s Bio: Yassi Parrish is a freelance blogger who loves to travel. When available, she loves to write articles to provide her readers who share the same curiosities in traveling. At home, Yassi loves to search for excellent travel deals in Deal Wiki.

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