Top Experiences you can Enjoy Only in Amsterdam


Amsterdam is a destination like no other. From the canals to the culture, it is full of wonders. No matter what season you travel in, you’d find something amusing while you are there. The attractions are countless, and you might find your days numbered to truly experience this magical destination. Summertime is the most popular as everyone heads towards Amsterdam then.

If you plan to visit Amsterdam, here are some experiences you must not miss out on!

Top Things to do while Visiting Amsterdam:

1. Ride a Bike in Amsterdam

An amazing aspect of visiting Amsterdam is that you wouldn’t find it difficult to navigate. There is plenty of transportation available. However, nothing beats riding a bike and exploring the beauty of Amsterdam. There will scarcely be times when you wouldn’t find a bike in Amsterdam. Cycling is part of the lifestyle of the locals, and it is best if you embrace this as well. It is safe to cycle in Amsterdam as the destination is known to be a cycle-friendly destination.

2. Explore Jordaan

This charming neighborhood of Amsterdam is a delightful sight and you must take time out to explore it fully. You’ll travel back in time once you make your way to this attractive place. The narrow lanes will take you to the most fascinating areas, including antique shops and world class restaurants. Here you’ll also find one of the best shopping areas in the city, 9 Streets.

3. Canal Cruise

There is no place in Amsterdam where the canal won’t take you, and it is a truly spectacular experience. This perfect postcard moment of Amsterdam must have been already witnessed by you multiple times, but it is a treat to discover it will all your senses. You’ll come across plenty of canal cruise tours in the city, so it’s always possible to bag a bargain.

4. Visit the Anne Frank House

A helpful guide to Amsterdam is going to be of a great aid when you begin planning for your trip. It’s best to add the Anne Frank House to your itinerary. Famous for the right reasons, this house takes you back in time and you can reflect on the Jewish atrocities upon your visit. However, it is important to know that the Anne Frank House is a very popular attraction in Amsterdam and a lot of people make their way there. For this reason, it’s best to book online so that you can beat the queues and save this time to explore some other part of Amsterdam.

5. Visit Amsterdam’s Museums

Because the history can be traced back to a long time, Amsterdam’s museums are truly a treat for the tourists. The Rijksmuseum is one of these amazing attractions. There are plenty of permanent and temporary collections and you’ll never become weary of them. The Van Gogh Museum and National Maritime Museum are also perfect for a day out.
Amsterdam is a destination where you’ll enjoy even the simplest joys of life, such as smelling the tulips and gazing at the wonderful looking canals!

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