Know The Difference: Guided Vs. Independent Motorcycle Tours


Motorcycling tour is a great adventurous experience for any person irrespective of doing it solo or with a group of people! But we always find people confused while making their choices to go solo or with some tourist company? And then the internet is flooded with hundreds of queries as to what is beneficial? And to get different tips and facts about both the choices!

So here in this article, we are going to discuss the major differences and different aspects related to going on motorcycling tour either solo or with guided groups!

6 Differences: Guided vs Independent Motorcycle Tours

1: Tour Cost


Many people are confused with costs when it comes to motorcycling tour! So before going on any motorcycling tour, one needs to carefully plan everything and when we say planning, it means major and structured financial planning! All of us don’t have well-stocked funds or family treasuries or great financial conditions so financial planning is a must!

When it comes to going solo, one needs to bear all the costs for hotels, food during the tour, fuel for bikes, travel permits if the tour is in some other country, bike insurances, proper clothing according to climatic changes and the list goes on! Plus while going solo one needs to survey accommodation facilities, perform all the booking procedures and legal procedures for permits and this costs your precious time as well!

If any vehicle breakdowns or repairs occur on tour if you are going solo, then one needs to pay for those as well so it is a lot of expenditure! When it comes to going with group all these costs are included in their package so one just needs to get everything packed and enjoy the tour and rest everything is handled by the company so no stress about anything!

2: Potential risks


When it comes to the risk factor, motorcycling tour has many of them! It’s like everything is risky because you drive on unfamiliar bikes in an unfamiliar country with roads that you haven’t seen before, climatic conditions that you haven’t faced before and facilities that you’re not accustomed to! So everything is a risk! So going solo has the highest risk factor because exploring everything alone without having knowledge of the facilities available and conditions and situations that may arise is always a risk. However, it is true that it is what makes it adventurous!

But instead if you go with organised company, everything is well planned and executed one rides with professionals who have visited the place before, who knows which tracks to avoid, where one can get facilities and everything, as well as risk of injuries and accidents, is also less as sometimes some companies also provide medical assistance for emergencies which is not there when you are solo!

3: Exploration around the track


When it comes to exploring new destinations on your tour, going solo has some advantages! If you are going solo you have the advantage to decide where to go, what to do, where to say and for how much time because everything is according to your interest and choice.

When it comes to going with an organized group, it is pre-planned and drafted! These companies mostly have a basic track and schedule planned which one is bound to follow. So you cannot explore anything out of that sketched plan and these companies often take you through standardized routes which are popular! So if you want to explore rare, unique tracks and pure beauty then going solo is an ultimate option!

4: Time and schedule


One major advantage in going with organized groups is that everything goes according to the scheduled time and hence you know that for how long you will be away and there are lesser chances of delays in arriving at certain destinations!

But when it comes to going solo, everything is according to you. So, the time and schedule may change according to your will! So solo trips are quite laid back and relaxing as compared to organized tours.

5: Vehicle Breakdowns


Vehicle breakdowns are a major part of concern when it comes to vehicle breakdowns! We all know what can go wrong with bikes i.e what problems can occur but hardly few of us know how to recover or repair those problems!

If you are going solo, you need to know that you must know the basic repairing skills. You may need those skills anytime during your tour. You may also need to carry all the tools that are essential to perform repairing tasks! Also, don’t miss out the necessary motorcycle accessories to keep it safe and enjoy your tour.

When you go with organized tours, they have a tour manager who makes sure that everything is under control. If any problem occurs with the vehicle by chance, then the group has an expert who can fix it up immediately.

6: Paperworks, Permits, and passes


Paperwork and permits are most important part of the tour if you are planning to travel and explore some other country! If you are going solo, you need to perform all the procedures for permits and passes on your own without messing things up. So, a person must have proper knowledge about it or else one needs to get just this part done by an agent and have to pay a good amount to him!

If you travel with any company then they take care of all these tiring activities and you need not worry about permits! So, you can completely enjoy your trip without worrying about getting stuck because of permits!


So in this comparison, there is no winner! Basically, it is everyone’s personal choice to go solo or with organized groups! Some people love the adventure and thrill in solo tours whereas some feel very comfortable with organized tours! Both the tours have their own pros and cons and it completely depends on the person’s choice and interest!


Author Bio: Jessica is a traveler by heart. She loves to pen down her thoughts related to her travel experiences and her knowledge about motorcycle adventure products to keep one’s safe and enjoy the ride. She loves to meet new people during her trips.

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